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If you have Passion, right Attitude and are Techno-savvy, join Team iCubix which thrives in delivering PAT. We have a team of skilled technocrats and highly qualified functional consultants with exposure from various industries. In addition to the Knowledge Sharing sessions & Technological Upgradation, the work culture at iCubix also includes activities like Movie based learning sessions & Experiential learning & sharing sessions.

The HR paradigm is built on making iCubix a great place to work.

We have team members who are recognized at their iCubix journey milestones of 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, and so on.

You might meet an ex-colleague who would still recommend his/her younger sibling to work at iCubix. We have examples of Client company's managers recommending their wards to join iCubix. Our Alumni would be in the other side of the world, but would still vouch for their iCubix work experience.

Everybody is a Team member, the word "employee" is not there in the spoken vocabulary at iCubix.

There are no boss, only immediate superior, mentors and leaders.

"Learn to win" is an everyday mantra.